Kaylar - Coolest Canine on Planet Earth

Kaylar on guard
Kaylar on guard while on a campout

Aloha Kaylar
Aloha Kaylar

Kaylar modelling
Even after a 9 mile hike, Kaylar is up for an impromptu modelling gig!
Model Kaylar -- with some girl

Sandy face
They enjoy running with the other dogs at the beach. The sand goes flying -- right on Kaylar's face!

The snow explorer
Sun, rain or snow, shes up for exploring.

Kaylar at the agility jump
Kaylar headed over the agility jump

Alan and Kaylar running the course in agility training at Intelligent Agility
Alan and Kaylar on the course

Kaylar at the tire jump
Kaylar going through the agility tire

Kaylar in the weave poles
Kaylar in the weave poles

Kaylar exiting the tunnel
Kaylar coming out of the agility tunnel

Keiko and Kaylar waiting for Irene to return
Keiko and Kaylar

Fall colors for the fur family
Fall colors

"Good thing we're not Golden Retrievers, huh Keiko?"
Kaylar and Keiko, who are not Golden Retrievers

Kaylar, Cassie and Keiko at the beach
Kaylar, Cassie and Keiko at the beach

Kaylar's favorite beach (maybe after Dog Beach in Huntington Beach)
A favorite beach for Kaylar

K'Ehleyr is the (phonetic) namesake of Kaylar. Brilliant, strong, beautiful and proud.
Kaylar's namesake